Charms Available

Full Charm List
April 2017


Runner Charm (female) 13 x 23mm
Runner Charm (Male) 16 x25mm
5K Race 11 x 10mm
10K Race 15 x 18mm
13.1 Miles Half Marathon Shoe 6 x 19mm
26.2 Miles Marathon Shoe 6 x 19mm
26.2 Miles Marathon Charm – 2D 19 x 5mm
Sneaker – 3D 27 x 9mm
Good Luck Horseshoe 12 x 17mm
Centred Good Luck Horseshoe 13 x 19mm
Swimmer 30 x 11mm
Bicycle 14 x 15mm
Dumbbell 19 x 7mm
Antique Silver Dumbbell 20 x 10mm
Kettlebell 16 x 7 mm
Barbell 25 x 6mm
45lbs Weight Plate 28 x 24mm
25lbs Weight Plate 19 x 22mm
Pinky Swear 14 x 14mm
Namaste (Yoga) 21 x 8mm
Ohm (yoga) 10 x 10mm
Tree Pose Yoga (Yoga) 19 x 16mm
Boxing Glove Charm 25 x 19mm
Race for Life – Cancer Awareness Ribbon

Fitness Motivation Quotes

I Can 19 x 10mm
I Choose Strength 20 x 9mm
Tough Girl 15 x 11mm
I Will 11 x 25mm
Me Vs Me 21 x 12mm
Weakness Is A Choice 22 x 9mm
Gotta Run 21 x 6mm
Love To Run 17 x 13mm
Fearless 21 x 8mm
Inhale Exhale 30 x 30mm
No Excuses 15 x 13mm

Motivational Quotes

Never Give Up 14 x 10mm
Believe In Yourself Round 22 x 19mm
Believe In Yourself Rectangular 30 x 10mm
She Believed She Could So She Did 20 x 20mm
Find Joy In The Journey 10 x 17mm
Be…. Kind Compassionate & Strong Quote 28 x 28 mm
Believe In Yourself & Happiness Will Follow (large) 30 x 30mm
Be Stronger Than The Storm 23 x 23 mm
Remember The Moments 22 x 19mm
One Day At A Time 20 x 20mm

Other Quotes

Live Your Dream 20 x 20mm
Love And Be Loved 20 x 20mm
Live Laugh Love 20 x 20mm
Believe In Love 20 x 20mm
Karma 20 x 20mm
Beautiful 20 x 20mm
Grace 21 x 8mm
Joy 14 x 10mm
Kindness 14 x 10mm
Self Control 14 x 10mm
Patience 14 x 10mm
Will Run For Wine 20 x 25 mm
Will Run For Beer 20 x 25 mm
Vegan 20 x 25 mm
Friends Not Food 20 x 25 mm


A-Z Initial 12 x 6mm
Bride To Be 17 x 14mm
Mom 17 x 14 mm
Friends 12 x 9mm
Best Friends 18 x 10mm
2017 Year 9 x 13mm
2016 Year 9 x 13mm
Swole Mates 23 x 25mm

Food & Drink

Antique Silver Carrot 25 x 6mm
Wine Glass Charms 7 x 5mm
Carrot 25 x 6mm
Fork 24 x 4mm
Grapes 20 x 15mm
Pizza Slice
Pastel Resin Donut – Pink
Resin Hamburger
Resin Flumps

Animal & Nautical

Lion Charm 22 x 12mm
Wolf Charm 25 x 12mm
3D Unicorn Charm 24 x 17mm
2D Unicorn Charm 19 x 25mm
Mermaid & Pearl Charm (Various Colours) 22 x 11mm
Back Facing Mermaid Charm 8 x 20mm
Anchor Charm 25 x 19mm
Ship’s Wheel Charm 20 x 15mm
Starfish Charm 13 x 16mm
Fish Charm 12 x 16mm
Swallow Charm 15 x 23mm
Birds Sitting On Branch Charm 10 x 40mm

Decorative / Other

Lotus Flower 16 x 10mm
Race for Life – Cancer Awareness Ribbon
Angel Wings
Feather 30 x 9mm
Swirled Heart 11 x 15mm
Winged Heart 14 x 14mm
Rose Heart 11 x 14 mm
Scissors / Hairdresser Charm 18 x30 mm


New for 2017


Skull Charm
Keep Calm & Kill Zombies
Spider Web
Hanging Skeleton
Zombie Fangs
“Bite Me”
Large Skeleton Hand
Split Friendship Heart “Best Bitches”
Split Friendship ┬áHeart – “Best Witches”
Split Friendship ┬áHeart – “Partners In Crime”


Large Stag Head
Coloured Resin Donuts
Coloured Resin Hamburger
Coloured Resin Flumps
Pizza Slice
Cancer Research Ribbon
Angel Wings